I have to admit, I’m pretty irritated. Buildings are on fire, police officers are pepper spraying people, mobs are taking over peaceful businesses and it seems very few people diagnose the cause or administer the cure properly.

To the left: You caused this. Sorry. You told tons of poor people that businesses are the problem. You told these people that there is a the owners and the workers and that those two parties are in opposition. So when rioters beat up store owners or loot a Target, they’re just taking back what’s been “stolen” from them. You’ve told them socialism (aka stealing from the “rich” and giving to the poor) is ethical and effective at getting them on their feet. OF COURSE THEY’RE BITTER. To add to the issues with entitlement and jealousy the left patronizes black people constantly telling that everything is racism and with that deeply in-grained people will be sure to see every difficulty or injustice as a race issue. Did you call out the police for shooting a couple of unarmed deaf people in the back in recent years? I don’t think so. So when innocent white people get beat up, consider taking some responsibility. You’ve advocated locking down the country, away from their jobs making people desperate and stressed out, just waiting for mama government to take from the rich to give them some stimulus money. Ya think this might not be an ideal mindset to instill in people?

To the right: You caused this. Sorry. To blindly chant blue lives matter when they deprive a man of oxygen leading to his death for selling un-taxed cigarettes is both insensitive and unhelpful. You seem to refuse to look at any alternative media where innocent black and white people literally are shot in the back on video, often times with no recourse due to qualified immunity laws. There are HUGE compilations of videos with severe police abuse, let alone written and never written anecdotes and cases galore from people all over the world.¬† Be fair. Sure, celebrate the good that police officers participate AND call out the evil.¬† When officers stand by and watch disgusting things happen, tell them to get a job bagging groceries after they PERSONALLY (not the tax payer) pay restitution to the victim. You’ve supported socialist policing¬† where just like any monopoly, quality and value is diminished because you haven’t picked up a book on privatizing the police. (Try Chaos Theory by economist Bob Murphy to start).

To the libertarians: You caused this. Sorry. Good job! You saw the injustices of the police and and rioters but failed to see the correct solution. Many of you (looking at a you, a couple of Free Talk Live hosts) have advocated for violence to solve the problem. Violence only begets more violence. What we need is a righteous cleansing of forgiveness, repentance and daily following the call to love our enemies. Even if shooting a cop or running over a rioter is theoretically justified in your legal framework, it won’t heal wounds or solve problems long term. We have to love our enemies, both literal and philosophical, and choose to humbly learn together.

To all of us. We need healing. There is right and wrong on both sides but if we refuse to call out “our side” the “other side” will just get more bitter, defensive and violent.

So how this for a start to mend wounds? 1) Advocate for TRULY fair laws, where black, white, badge and no badge receive equal treatment. No “hate” crimes. Crimes against anyone by anyone are evil. 2) Try stepping into the shoes of people we disagree with. Every side has an element of truth that we don’t want to admit to. 3) We need to tell those on “our side” to chill out and see the others’ perspective. Put down the hate, pick up the empathy. Almost everyone is scared, frustrated and angry for their family and friends.