My two cents on the kneeling during the anthem:

I’m sure 100 years from now, if someone looks at old news articles of the outrage surrounding sports players sitting during a song, they will scratch their head and think, “These are sure a weird bunch of emotional goofballs!”.

It’s quite funny/sad to me how people get so angry at others choosing not to worship a political system and national identity. The flag, the anthem, the pledge are all symbols. Symbols are imperfect, misused and understood differently. I’d take a knee under a German flag in Germany during WW2 if I could get away with it, or a British flag when their government bombed thousands of innocent Germans in Dresden, or when the US government sent our loved ones to kill a million Iraqis in revenge.

When people take a knee, I doubt they’re dissing our well-meaning grandparents or the good aspects of our nation. Their protesting injustice or perceived injustice. And protesting something we believe is wrong is what we should all do.

I’m glad to live in a place where people don’t get shot for refusing worship a president, refusing to salute a piece of colored fabric or refusing to sing a silly old song.